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SolidGround Realty

SolidGround Realty, renowned for its innovative approach to real estate transactions and commitment to client satisfaction, sought to redefine its digital marketing strategy to reach a wider audience, enhance brand recognition, and increase property sales and listings. Recognizing the need for a sophisticated digital approach, SolidGround Realty partnered with us to deploy an integrated digital marketing campaign, focusing on PPC, AdRoll programmatic advertising, and targeted paid social media strategies.

  • Services Provided:

    PPC Campaign Management, AdRoll Programmatic Advertising, Paid Social Media Advertising

The Strategy
01 // Business Goal

The Goal

  • Broaden Market Reach: Expand SolidGround Realty’s market reach, targeting potential home buyers and sellers with precision and efficiency.
  • Elevate Lead Generation and Conversion: Drive an uptick in qualified lead generation and conversion rates through tailored advertising efforts.
  • Maximize Digital Advertising ROI: Optimize digital advertising spend across all channels to ensure maximum return on investment.
  • Leverage Analytics for Informed Decision Making: Utilize comprehensive analytics to guide ongoing campaign adjustments and strategy refinements.
02 // Strategy

The Solution

1. Tailored PPC Campaigns: Executed highly targeted PPC campaigns on search engines, focusing on capturing leads through optimized keyword strategies and compelling ad copy that speaks to SolidGround Realty’s unique value propositions.

2. Strategic Programmatic Advertising via AdRoll: Leveraged AdRoll’s programmatic advertising platform to serve dynamic, targeted ads to potential clients across a wide array of websites and social platforms, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

3. Paid Social Media Campaigns: Initiated creative and engaging paid social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, utilizing demographic and psychographic targeting to reach and captivate the ideal audience segments.

4. Data-Driven Optimization: Applied a rigorous analytics framework to continuously monitor and optimize campaign performance, employing A/B testing and data insights to refine advertising strategies and improve outcomes.

03 // Statistics

The Results

  • Significant Expansion of Market Reach: Achieved a 100% increase in market reach within the first four months, significantly enhancing SolidGround Realty’s visibility among targeted buyer and seller segments.
  • Quantifiable Uplift in Lead Generation: Saw a 60% rise in qualified leads from digital advertising efforts, directly contributing to an increase in property listings and sales.
  • Elevated Advertising ROI: Realized a 50% enhancement in ROI from digital campaigns, attributable to strategic ad placements, targeting efficiencies, and continuous optimization efforts.
  • Informed Strategy Adjustments: Leveraged advanced analytics to make informed strategic adjustments, leading to sustained improvement in campaign performance and overall digital marketing effectiveness.

Partnering with Trybe PPC has propelled SolidGround Realty into a new era of digital marketing success. Their integrated strategy across PPC, programmatic, and social media advertising has not only extended our reach but also deepened our engagement with key audiences, resulting in significant growth in leads and transactions. The insight and expertise of the Trybe PPC team have been invaluable, providing us with the tools and data necessary to continue scaling our efforts effectively. We’re excited about the future and our ongoing partnership.

Director of Marketing, SolidGround Realty


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