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K&J Contractors, a reputable firm specializing in high-quality construction and renovation services, aims to construct a solid online foundation to attract more project inquiries and client engagements. With a blueprint for growth in a competitive market, K&J Contractors partnered with us to nail down a targeted digital marketing strategy, utilizing the structural integrity of PPC campaign management combined with the architectural beauty of paid social media advertising.

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    PPC Campaign Management, Paid Social Media Advertising

The Strategy
01 // Business Goal

The Goal

  • Build Up Project Inquiries: Erect a significant increase in online project inquiries and client consultations through precise online advertising.
  • Lay the Foundation for Brand Recognition: Cement K&J Contractors’ reputation as the go-to construction and renovation experts in the digital landscape.
  • Optimize the Framework of Ad Spending: Scaffold the advertising budget to ensure a sturdy return on investment across PPC and paid social channels.
  • Design Tailored Audience Targeting: Construct ad campaigns that resonate with potential clients, including homeowners, real estate developers, and businesses looking for reliable contracting services.
02 // Strategy

The Solution

1. Structured PPC Campaigns: Implemented robust PPC campaigns targeting keywords relevant to construction, renovation, and contracting services, aiming to place K&J Contractors at the top of search engine results for potential clients laying the groundwork for their next project.

2. Blueprinted Paid Social Media Strategy: Developed engaging paid social media campaigns across platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, showcasing K&J Contractors’ portfolio of completed projects, client testimonials, and the quality craftsmanship that sets them apart, appealing directly to those planning construction or renovation projects.

3. Custom Audience Targeting for Solid Leads: Utilized detailed targeting to reach demographics most likely to require contracting services, such as property owners, businesses looking to renovate, and real estate investors, ensuring ads are framed within the view of an interested audience.

4. Continuous Optimization and Renovation of Campaigns: Applied ongoing analytics and performance tracking to refine and bolster campaigns, adjusting ad creatives, targeting strategies, and bidding methods to hammer home the best possible results.

03 // STATS

The Results

  • Elevated Project Inquiries: Achieved a 50% increase in online inquiries and consultation bookings, laying a strong foundation for future business growth.
  • Reinforced Brand Presence: Saw a 40% uplift in brand recognition within the target market, solidifying K&J Contractors as a cornerstone of construction and renovation expertise.
  • Strengthened Ad Spend Efficiency: Realized a 39% enhancement in advertising ROI, through targeted and effectively managed campaigns, ensuring resources were allocated with precision.
  • Blueprint for Engagement Success: Drafted higher engagement rates with tailored ad content, leading to an increased number of quality leads and a robust pipeline of potential projects

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We are set up to be long-term partners for our clients, acting as an extension of your marketing team!