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EmeraldCity Smiles

EmeraldCity Smiles, a leading dental practice known for its comprehensive dental services and patient-centered care, aimed to expand its patient base by attracting new patients through digital channels. To achieve this, EmeraldCity Smiles partnered with us to devise and execute a strategic PPC campaign targeted at individuals seeking high-quality dental care in their area.

  • Services Provided

    PPC Campaign Management, Landing Pages, CRM

The Strategy
01 // Business Goal

The Goal

  • Increase New Patient Appointments: Significantly boost the number of new patient appointments through targeted PPC advertising.
  • Maximize Ad Spend Efficiency: Optimize the PPC campaign to focus on high-conversion keywords and demographics, ensuring the best use of the advertising budget.
  • Enhance Online Visibility: Strengthen EmeraldCity Smiles’ online presence, making it the top choice for potential patients researching dental services.
  • Track and Showcase Growth: Monitor and report on the growth in new patient numbers, demonstrating the tangible benefits of the PPC campaign.
02 // Strategy

The Solution

1. Comprehensive PPC Strategy: Launched a meticulously planned PPC campaign on Google Ads, focusing on keywords that potential patients are most likely to use when searching for dental services, ensuring high visibility among the target audience.

2. Conversion-Optimized Ad Copy: Developed engaging and informative ad copy that highlights EmeraldCity Smiles’ key services and differentiators, designed to resonate with individuals in need of dental care and encourage them to book an appointment.

3. Strategic Budget Management: Allocated the budget strategically across different times of the day and week, targeting potential patients when they are most likely to search for dental services, thereby maximizing ROI.

4. Detailed Performance Analytics: Implemented robust analytics to track the performance of the PPC campaign, providing EmeraldCity Smiles with detailed insights into the growth of new patient appointments and the overall success of the campaign.

03 // Statistics

The Results

  • Significant Increase in New Patients: The PPC campaign resulted in a 40% increase in new patient appointments within the first three months, directly contributing to the practice’s growth.
  • High Ad Engagement: Achieved an above-average click-through rate (CTR), indicating that the targeted ad copy successfully captured the attention of potential patients.
  • Efficient Use of Budget: Demonstrated a notable improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA), indicating more efficient use of the ad spend with higher returns.
  • Quantifiable Patient Growth: Through detailed analytics, EmeraldCity Smiles could see a clear trajectory of patient growth, attributing a substantial number of new appointments to the PPC efforts.

Our partnership with Trybe PPC has been instrumental in achieving our goal of increasing new patient appointments. Their strategic approach to PPC has not only improved our online visibility but has also significantly boosted our patient base. The team’s expertise in crafting targeted ads and managing our campaign has provided us with outstanding results, evident in the impressive growth in new patient numbers. We are extremely pleased with the impact on our practice.

Dr. Adam J, Practice Owner.


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