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Duelies Sports Bar and Grill, a vibrant destination celebrated for its lively atmosphere, extensive beer selection, and gourmet pub fare, aims to elevate its game in the digital arena to score more patrons and reservations. Eager to broadcast its unique blend of sports viewing and dining experience to a wider audience, Duelies Sports Bar and Grill teamed up with us to craft a winning digital marketing strategy, combining the dynamic duo of paid social media campaigns and targeted PPC advertising.

  • Services Provided

    Paid Social Media Advertising, PPC Campaign Management

The Strategy
01 // Business Goal

The Goal

  • Champion Increased Patronage: Drive a surge in patronage and table reservations through engaging online advertising.
  • Amplify Brand Fanbase: Boost Duelies Sports Bar and Grill’s presence in the digital league, connecting with sports fans and foodies alike.
  • Strategize Advertising Playbook: Optimize the advertising budget to secure a hall-of-fame ROI across paid social and PPC channels.
  • Target Audience Tailgating: Serve up ad campaigns that rally potential patrons, including sports enthusiasts, local event-goers, and casual diners, leading to conversions and cheers.
02 // Strategy

The Solution

1. High-Score Paid Social Campaigns: Initiated lively paid social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where fans gather to share sports and dining experiences. Ads featured spirited visuals and compelling stories of game-day specials, live events, and signature dishes that make Duelies Sports Bar and Grill the go-to spot for any match.

2. MVP PPC Campaigns: Kicked off PPC campaigns on Google Ads targeting keywords related to sports bars, live sports viewing, and local dining options, ensuring Duelies is the first pick in search engine results for fans looking for a place to watch the game and enjoy great food.

3. Fan-Focused Audience Strategy: Utilized advanced targeting to intercept potential patrons with interests in major sports events, team loyalty, and local entertainment options, ensuring ads reach those with a game plan to dine out during sports events.

4. Continuous Game Plan Optimization: Employed a playbook of analytics and performance tracking to refine and optimize campaigns, tweaking ad creatives, targeting tactics, and bidding strategies to keep the advertising efforts in the championship zone.

03// Statistics

The Results

  • Victory Lap in Reservations and Walk-Ins: Celebrated a 55% increase in table reservations and walk-in patrons within the opening months of the campaign, marking a season-high performance.
  • Expanded Team Roster of Fans: Built a 45% increase in digital engagement and brand loyalty among sports fans and local diners, solidifying Duelies Sports Bar and Grill as the fan-favorite venue for sports viewing.
  • Hall of Fame Advertising ROI: Achieved a 38% improvement in ROI from digital ad campaigns, thanks to playbook precision in targeting and ongoing campaign management, ensuring every marketing spend is as effective as a star player.
  • Winning Engagement with Sports Fans: Drafted higher engagement rates through targeted ad content, from increased social media interactions to more frequent visits to the menu and event listings on the website.

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