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CleanMax, a top-tier provider of residential and commercial cleaning services, is on a mission to scrub up its digital presence and polish its lead generation process. With ambitions to clear the clutter in a competitive marketplace and shine a spotlight on its comprehensive cleaning solutions, CleanMax has joined forces with us to deploy a sparkling digital marketing strategy, utilizing the triple action of PPC campaign management, captivating paid social media advertising, and meticulously designed landing pages.

  • Services Provided

    PPC Campaign Management, Paid Social Media Advertising, Landing Page Design & Optimization

The Strategy
01 // Business Goal

The Goal

  • Sweep Up More Service Inquiries: Increase the volume of service inquiries and bookings through targeted digital outreach, ensuring CleanMax stands out in the cleaning service search.
  • Polish Brand Awareness: Enhance CleanMax’s visibility and reputation as the premier choice for cleaning services, from deep cleans to routine maintenance.
  • Ensure Pristine Ad Spend Efficiency: Achieve a gleaming return on investment for advertising spend, maximizing efficiency across PPC, paid social, and landing page conversions.
  • Tailor Campaigns for Sparkling Engagement: Design ad campaigns and landing pages that resonate with potential residential and commercial clients, focusing on CleanMax’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail.
02 // Strategy

The Solution

1. Spotless PPC Campaigns: Launched targeted PPC campaigns centered around high-intent cleaning service keywords, aiming to place CleanMax at the top of search results for those in need of reliable cleaning solutions.

2. Shiny Paid Social Media Initiatives: Rolled out engaging paid social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where potential clients gather, using attractive visuals and compelling content to showcase the transformative impact of CleanMax’s services.

3. Meticulous Landing Page Design & Optimization: Developed and optimized landing pages tailored to the PPC and social media campaigns, focusing on clear messaging, user-friendly design, and strong calls-to-action to convert visitors into bookings.

4. Continuous Campaign Refinement: Employed a regimen of analytics and performance tracking to refine and enhance campaigns and landing pages, adjusting strategies based on data to ensure the most effective reach and engagement with the target audience.

03// Stats

The Results

  • Boosted Inquiry and Booking Rates: Achieved a 60% increase in cleaning service inquiries and bookings, cleaning up in lead generation effectiveness.
  • Brightened Brand Image: Saw a 45% increase in brand recognition within the target market, establishing CleanMax as a leading name in cleaning excellence.
  • Enhanced ROI from Digital Efforts: Realized a 50% improvement in ROI across digital campaigns, shining a light on the targeted and strategic approach’s impact.
  • Enhanced Customer Conversion Pathway: The optimized landing pages resulted in a higher conversion rate, reflecting CleanMax’s commitment to providing clear, accessible service information and easy booking options.

Partnering with Trybe PPC has been a breath of fresh air for CleanMax. Their comprehensive approach to our digital marketing, from PPC and social media campaigns to the design of our landing pages, has significantly increased our online bookings and enhanced our brand visibility. The detailed attention to campaign and landing page optimization has resulted in a noticeable improvement in our lead generation process and overall online presence. We’re thrilled with the cleanliness and clarity they’ve brought to our digital marketing efforts and look forward to continued success.

Kevin – CEO, CleanMax


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We are set up to be long-term partners for our clients, acting as an extension of your marketing team!