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Aroma Melange

Aroma Melange, an innovative e-commerce store specializing in home scenting products, sought to captivate and expand its online customer base in the highly competitive home fragrance market. Inspired by the desire to enhance online sales and brand visibility, Aroma Melange partnered with us to harness the power of paid social media and Google Shopping campaigns to connect with fragrance enthusiasts and drive e-commerce conversions.

  • Strategy

    PPC Strategy, Paid Social

  • Services Provided

    Paid Social Media Advertising, Google Shopping Campaign Management

The Strategy
01 // Business Goal

The Goal

  • Boost Online Sales: Significantly increase online sales through targeted digital marketing strategies.
  • Enhance Brand Visibility: Elevate Aroma Melange’s brand presence on social media and Google Shopping, making it a top choice for home scenting products.
  • Optimize Advertising ROI: Maximize the return on investment across paid social and Google Shopping channels, ensuring efficient ad spend.
  • Leverage Analytics for Growth: Utilize analytics to measure campaign effectiveness, informing strategic decisions for continuous growth.
02 // Strategy

The Solution

1. Paid Social Media Strategy: Launched engaging paid social media campaigns across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, utilizing dynamic product ads and targeted audience segmentation to showcase Aroma Melange’s exquisite range of home scenting solutions.

2. Google Shopping Campaigns: Implemented Google Shopping campaigns to feature Aroma Melange’s products prominently in Google search results, optimizing product feeds and bids for maximum visibility and conversion potential.

3. Creative and Targeted Ad Content: Developed compelling ad creatives and copy that resonate with Aroma Melange’s target audience, emphasizing the unique qualities and benefits of their scenting products.

4. Continuous Performance Optimization: Employed continuous testing and optimization strategies for both paid social and Google Shopping campaigns, leveraging analytics to refine targeting, ad placements, and bidding strategies for improved performance and ROI.

03// Statistics

The Results

  • Substantial Increase in Online Sales: Achieved a 60% increase in online sales within the first quarter, surpassing initial sales targets.
  • Expanded Brand Visibility: Marked a 50% improvement in brand visibility across social media and Google Shopping, leading to higher engagement and customer acquisition rates.
  • Enhanced Advertising Efficiency: Demonstrated a 35% increase in advertising ROI, thanks to optimized campaign targeting and cost-effective ad spend.
  • Data-Driven Success Measurement: Advanced analytics provided clear insights into campaign success, guiding ongoing adjustments and scaling of successful strategies for sustained growth.

Partnering with Trybe PPC has propelled Aroma Melange to new heights in the e-commerce space. Their strategic approach to paid social and Google Shopping campaigns has not only boosted our sales but also significantly increased our brand’s visibility. The expertise and dedication of the Trybe PPC team have been instrumental in our success, allowing us to achieve and exceed our goals through data-driven strategies. We’re excited for the future and the continued growth of our online store.

Tessie , CO – Founder.


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